Outdoor Fitness Equipment Guide

For parks, multi-family dwellings, universities, hotels, senior centers, and even fitness clubs.

Who Can Use Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

By offering outdoor fitness as an added amenity to multi-family dwellings, universities, hotels, senior centers, and even fitness clubs, facilities can attract adults of all ages who enjoy exercising, which provides a valuable health and wellness benefit.

Why Invest In Outdoors versus Indoors?

Emerging science indicates that exercising outdoors increases the overall enjoyment of working out as well as increasing the frequency and length of time spent, compared to indoor gyms. Outdoor equipment also provides a less intimidating atmosphere than a typical gym setting, particularly for beginners, providing a more approachable, welcoming environment.

How Can Communities Benefit?

Urban and lower income communities can particularly benefit from outdoor fitness equipment by encouraging multiple generations to congregate, participate, and interact in outdoor fitness activities where they live, work, and play.

Why Fund Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

With multiple projects competing for recreational funding dollars, choosing to invest in outdoor fitness equipment over other types of recreation options demonstrates a facility’s commitment to offering patrons a valuable health benefit. Outdoor fitness equipment is accessible any time of day and is appropriate for multiple adult age groups.

Interesting Fitness Facts:

The User Benefits:

Physical Health:

  • Reduces cardiovascular disease risk

  • Builds lean muscle and aerobic fitness

  • Improves exercise adherence

  • Increases energy

Mental Health:

  • Increases serotonin levels

  • Boosts overall mood and well-being

  • Increases mental acuity

  • Greater feeling of revitalization and positive enjoyment

Social benefits:

  • Provides opportunities for fitness classes

  • Encourages motivation and support

  • Attractive to new users and beginners

Your Facility Benefits:


  • Expands amenity offering with low installation costs
  • Eliminates costly indoor utility fees
  • Provides options for revenue generation through trainers

  • Recruits new patrons with value-added amenity
  • Exhibits facility’s commitment to health of patrons
  • Provides a new way to exercise

  • Encourages a wider variety of users
  • Builds positive community equity for facilities
  • Utilize outdoor space for fitness rather than valuable indoor space

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