Are Your Warehouses & Delivery Trucks Clean?

Your customers expect deliveries to arrive exactly as ordered. Even a small stain, or dust smudge on your packaging, or on the vehicle itself can discourage customers and jeopardize long-term contracts.

To keep your vehicles in tip-top shape, invest in a Bissell® SpotClean Auto Portable Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner. This cleaner is small enough to store in each vehicle’s trunk and flexible enough to reach into the dark crevices of your vehicle. These devices deliver constant-temperature water streams and feature transparent, removable debris containers for sanitation. After a session with this deep cleaner, your vehicle’s; mats, seats, and storage spaces will look as good as new.

Spruce Up the Company Garage

Your warehouse, garage or shop floors, where your vehicles are stored, also need to be deep-cleaned.

A Hoover® Wall Mount Garage Vacuum is ideal for deep-cleaning industrial spaces that rarely get the attention they deserve. The wall mount keeps this heavy-duty vacuum out of the way yet handy, and a 30-foot, crush-proof hose with a variety of brushes and suction attachments ensures that no debris escapes its grasp.

Storage with Flair

Rubbermaid® Team Brute Containers provide everything needed to keep showrooms, storefronts, and work spaces clutter-free. These containers are perfect for jobs that do not demand daily or weekly attention. These 32-gallon containers are constructed with commercial-grade plastic that is pre-dyed and won’t chip, crack, rust, or otherwise degrade. Each container conveniently nests when empty to save storage space and their durable lids make for easy stacking when full.

Rubbermaid team containers are perfect for storing heavy items and their reinforced handles and sturdy bottoms can manage serious loads.

Take Your Tools on the Road (or at least across the warehouse)

If lugging tools and supplies from one end of your shop floor to the other is a hassle, then consider the Global™ Industrial 27″ 2-Drawer Tool Cart W/ Sliding Top. This secure, easy-to-construct rolling tool chest lets you pile heavy-duty machine tools, lighter hand equipment, and accessories in two sturdy drawers.

The securely locking top drawer makes it easy to store valuable equipment, and a full-length aluminum bottom drawer is your best option for easily accessing bulk items. You shouldn’t be taking it off-road, but this cart’s durable steel frame can take a few bumps. Lock the cart in place once it reaches its destination with the sturdy wheel brake.

A Breath of Fresh Air

You also may want to consider a wall-mount, pedestal, blower’ or ceiling fan. By keeping the air circulating around your shop or store, you slow the rate at which dust and dirt accumulate on clean surfaces. These appliances also help reduce the build-up of unpleasant odors or dangerous fumes.

Select an adequate pedestal fan or wall-mounted device that delivers a quiet stream of fresh air through your business’s public areas if your principal concerns are temperature control and dust management. If you’re dealing with solvents that demand constant ventilation, use a floor fan that keeps clean air flowing through your company’s workspaces in powerful streams.

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